Chris Jericho!
Height: 6'
Weight: 231 pounds
From: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Favorite Quote: "It will never, e..e..e..ever happen again!"
Finishing move: The Walls of Jericho
Updated 4-24-01
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Chris Jericho is awesome! I love how he is not afraid to say anything that comes to mind! He will call the WWF boss' daughter a bottom-feeding $2 slut right to her face and insult people's names and attire. He is amazingly agile considering his thick body size and he often pulls off many high risk maneuvers that usually only light weights attempt. He has shoulder-length gorgeous blond hair (I have a thing for men with long blond hair) and usually wears sparkling silver shirts left open revealing his awesome muscles! He's so handsome!

In an awesome match in May, I believe, he beat Triple H in an amazing WWF championship match, but only kept the belt a few minutes before Triple H strongarmed the referee into reversing the decision, but in my eyes, he still was the WWF Champion that night regardless of how it was erased from the record books.

Jericho, or Y2J, also has one of the best entrace moves of all the superstars. Most just walk out, some stop first and try to look mean, but Jericho has an incredibly loud explosion to announce his entrance and as the smoke clears, you see him standing with his arms out and back to you looking like a volcano about to erupt. Then he spins around and shouts something to either side of him and usually picks up his microphone and begins to talk trash to his opponent with whatever clever insult that comes to mind.

Jericho with his shirt off, looking very muscular
Jericho with his mike, trash-talking his opponent
Jericho in a rage, having referees pull him off of someone
The WWF's bio picture of Chris Jericho

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