What I have to say about the WWF...


My name is Jannie and I love the World Wrestling Federation! My friend watches religiously and I happen to see it a few times in November of '99 when I was over at her house and I became hooked! Every Monday night I watch Raw is War and Thursdays I watch Smackdown. I rarely get to see Sunday Night Heat, but I never miss the other two!

I've seen the WWF live twice now - once in April and again July 2nd - at the Ice Palace here in Tampa, FL! The first time I went, it was a Tuesday night and they taped Sunday Night Heat first and then Smackdown! after and it was great! NOTHING compares to seeing The Rock, Triple H and Edge in person! I brought a sign both times that says, "Jannie Loves Kane" on one side and "Angle Blows Goats, It's True, It's True," but I watched both shows that we went to and I didn't see myself or the sign. The second time I went, it was called "WWF Attitude" and it seemed to be a rehearal. It wasn't being taped, they didn't set up everything and it was pretty informal (not to mention the fact that they performed most of those same moves in the next few shows).

My main gripe with the WWF: Get some "divas" with a brain and for God's sake, could they PLEASE be actual wrestlers?? The only women I would even consider being worthy of the WWF are Chyna, Lita, Tori, Jacqueline and maybe Ivory. I honestly don't think that Terri, Kat, Trish or any of the rest have a muscle in their body! Chyna has made me have hope that I can do anything I want to do. She has torn down barriers that have been in place for hundreds of years that were based on gender. For the most part, women in the WWF are scantily clad, buxom ornaments to the male wrestlers. They defend themselves (if they even attempt to) by slapping and hair tugging. They pride themselves in cheating to win for their men. The WWF is forever trying to capture the teen to young adult male audience by including these bimbos. There are many women who watch the WWF and I know I am not alone in wanting some real women in the ring. What's with Stephanie holding the title for months when everyone knows she's a sissy, non-wrestler weakling? Boss's daughter. That's all that can be said about that. Well, that's my main gripe for now. I still love the WWF, though, but I do consider them to be sexist.

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