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WWE Character Name: Lita
Real Name: Amy Christine Dumas
Birthdate: April 14, 1975
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135lbs
From: Ft.Lauderdale,FL
Now lives in: Sanford, NC
Finishing Move: Moonsault

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Lita winning the women's title!
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I admire Lita for her style and talent. She doesn't cheat people or try to seduce men to get what she wants. You won't see her in 5 inch spike heels walking down to the ring because she is there to participate and actually wrestle. She stunned people when she started in the WWE because immediately she was doing Moonsaults and Hurricanranas when the other women were simply sexual entertainment objects who would accompany men and occasionally participate in a "bra and panties" or "paddle" match. I'm not saying that wrestlers should give up gimmicks, but why does every female have to have the "tramp" gimmick? I think there are a lot more women watching wrestling than the WWE realizes and not just because we have a husband or boyfriend who watches. I don't have a problem with the women doing skimy bikini photoshoots for magazines, but when I see them in the ring, I want to see wrestling maneuvers and high-risk moves just like the men do and you get just that with Lita.

She is not afraid to just be herself and that is a very admirable trait. She wears unusual clothes, has bright red hair and can do a lot of amazing moves in the ring. She fought her way to get where she is and she did it all by herself. For these reasos, Lita is an excellent role model for young women to look up to and I'm very glad she is part of the WWE.


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