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My name is Jannie and I love World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)! I started watching in 1999 and I was hooked! My neatest experience was getting to see Y2J, Chris Jericho, up close when I went to see his band, Fozzy, perform in here in Tampa! Afterwards, he signed autographs outside and I got a picture with him and got to give him a hug!

Back to the WWE: My main gripe is that I would like to see only "divas" with actual wrestling abilities. Take Trish for example. Sure, after a few months, someone taught Trish how to do a facebuster and she only did that one move for a few months until someone taught her that little hopping-on-the-top-rope-and-jumping-off move, now called the "Stratus-faction." Come on now, if you were to see a guy wrestler come into the WWE who only did facebusters and then eventually moved up to a little hopping of the top-rope, you'd be throwing popcorn at the TV or changing channels quick. It seems to me that they're always pushing the prostitute look on the women. It's as if there is some big executive (Vince?) that tells the women that the only way they're getting scheduled for a match is if they wear 5 pounds of makeup and almost no clothes. Some may think that is the only way people will watch the women's matches. Notice how popular Lita is?? Does she wear skimpy clothes to the ring? Not really. She is popular because she is a talented wrestler and people love watching her. I wouldn't put her up against The Rock, or anything, but that Hurricanrana move looks very hard to pull off and she's been doing that one since the beginning. It's almost as if she knew how to wrestle before she was in the WWE and maybe she was even hired based on in-ring talent. Hmmm... what a concept.


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