Edge! A VERY handsome man!
Updated 4-24-01

Real Name: Adam Copeland
Weight: 240 lbs.
Height: 6'4"
Hometown: Orangeville, Ontario
Birthday: October 30, 1973
Finisher: Downward Spiral
Former Wrestling Names:
Adam Copeland
Adam Impact
Sexton Hardcastle

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Edge is such a handsome man! From the very first second I saw him, I couldn't take my eyes off of him! He has the most beautiful, soft, fluffy hair I have ever seen and a great body to match! He almost always wrestles in tag team matches paired with his "brother," Christian, and rarely has a match alone. He used to make his way to the ring from deep within the crowd, but lately he has been entering from the main entrance accompanied by Kurt Angle. For some odd reason, after he and Christian became tag team champions, they decided to become jerks and hang around Angle, who already had the reputation of being quite a jerk. Regardless, Edge has me mesmerized every time he appears.


Edge wearing his beautiful black jacket - kneeling
Edge in his long black jacket - body shot
Edge and Gangrel standing in a circle of fire
Edge in his famous glasses - headshot
Edge wrestling XPac
Edge wearing his beautiful, long, red jacket
Edge wrestling the huge Kane
Edge with The Road Dogg Jesse James in a headlock
Another picture of Edge with The Road Dogg in a headlock
Good picture of Edge outside in his sunglasses
Great picture of Edge's beautiful, long, blond hair
Edge and Christian walking down the WWF ramp
Edge with his arm raised
Edge in a long black jacket
Edge with a big grin while signing autographs
Close up of Edge with a bright light behind him
Great picture of Edge playing video games
Edge's WWF picture (shiny body)
Edge and his "brother" hugging a child at St. Jude's Hospital
Awesome picture of Edge smiling that he signed for someone
Edge talking about Owen Hart with a blue background

Most pictures from: http://redrival.com/edge632/

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