The Ninth Wonder of the World!

Real Name: Joanie Laurer

Height: 6'

Weight: 200 lbs.

From: New Hampshire

Updated 4-24-01

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Chyna and the Intercontinental belt
Chyna in a top with chains
Chyna on a magazine cover
Chyna in a black bikini
Chyna in a red bra!
Chyna kneeling in water

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Chyna on the Aug. 2000 WWF magazine cover
Chyna and former ally, Chris Jericho
Chyna as Eddie Guerrero's "Mamacita"
Chyna again as "Mamacita"
Chyna hitting the Godfather with her roses
Chyna looking good with a blue background
Chyna on the cover of March 2000 Raw magazine
Chyna posing in pink and black vinyl
Chyna posing in black vinyl
Chyna in black vinyl again
Chyna with Shane at Emmys
Chyna in a white tank top and dogtags
Chyna (same as above) posing with a gun
Chyna in '97 with short red hair - bodybuilding

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Chyna's biceps
Chyna flexing her bicep
Pictures showing her muscles
Series of pictures with her hair down
Chyna lifting weights
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